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Owner’s Construction Representative

Jackson Builders Inc

John E. Jackson | Certified General Contractor

Orlando FL 32819

In today’s economy many home and business owners are moving from one state to another. It is not uncommon for owners to have of a new home or business being constructed in Florida while still living in another state. Because they cannot leave their home or business outside of Florida in which they are currently living, it can be difficult for them to observe construction or have hands on interaction with their builder in Florida. Likewise, these impacts affect those living in other cities and counties remote to Central Florida, or people who routinely travel and cannot focus their attention on a new project.

As an owner’s representative, Jackson Builders Inc serves as an extension of the owner themselves. Jackson Builders Inc provides guidance through the lifecycle of the construction of your project, looking out for the owner’s during the construction of their project through final closing.

As an owner’s project’s “eyes and ears,” Jackson Builders Inc can provide on-site representation and keep owners informed on the progress, scheduled delays, changes and relations with parties to the contract. Working as your advocate, Jackson Builders Inc enables clients to focus on their core business and daily lifestyle without distraction.

Jackson Builders Inc provides clients with this technical knowledge and daily progress to keep clients arm in arm with construction progress enabling them to make informed and timely decisions.

Owner’s Representative Services Offered:

  • Durable Powers (Amounting to Owner Authority)
  • From Conceptual/Design to Occupancy
  • Analyzing constructability
  • Advising the owner on project delivery systems and
    forms of construction contracts
  • Serving as a single point of contact between
    contractors and designers
  • Representing the owner at key meetings
  • Monitoring the project schedule and contract budget
  • Quality control procedures
  • Assisting in evaluating contractor payment requests
  • Providing monthly reporting
  • Facilitating issue resolution
  • Progress Photography

John E. Jackson, owner of Jackson Builders Inc, is a Florida State Certified General Contractor, Plumbing Contractor and REALTOR® has more than 25 years of experience in Residential, Commercial and Industrial Construction. John has built projects statewide, nationally and internationally. He has been involved in projects valued in the hundreds of thousands and multi-millions and construction of single story to high-rise structures. John has owned his own construction companies, served in matters of dispute resolution as expert witness, owned his own construction companies served as a building inspector, an arbitrator and owner’s representative. Today, in construction, he primarily focuses his construction experience on representing owners of new construction.