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Real Estate Closing, Title & Escrow

Kristen M. Jackson | Attorney

Orlando FL 32819

Kristen Jackson’s law firm, Jackson Law PA, has been practicing real estate closings, title & escrow client services over 20 years. Jackson Law offers closing either in their offices or mail-away services. The firm maintains consistent communications with all parties to the closing involved in closings to insure that clients are fully informed throughout the entire closing process.

When listing a property, a key interest to many client Sellers is to have a title search performed at the time of listing their property. By performing a title search at the time of listing your property helps sellers aware of any defects or other issues that may cause delays in closing.

When listing your property, it is a valuable benefit to both Sellers and Buyer to be represented by Realtors who are directly affiliated with a Real Estate Attorney who practices real estate law, closings, title and escrow. Title and Escrow Services include the following:

  • Gather all closing cost information
  • Prepare all closing documents & Conduct Closings
  • Receive orders for escrow and title services
  • Order the preliminary report and examination on the
    subject property
  • Obtain the title insurance required
  • Review survey or other documents required for closing
    • Coordinate insurance coverage
  • Coordinate Inspections
  • Work directly with all parties involved in a transaction
  • Prepare escrow instructions and required documents
  • Order demands on existing deeds of trust and liens
    or judgments
  • Collect and disburse all monies
  • Review all pre-closing matters
  • Complete all post-closing detail